Charles Malata

The consultation


Professor Charles Malata consults privately at the Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital and the Peterborough Fitzwilliam Hospital.  

The consultation is the most important step for any patient seeking plastic surgery. Professor Malata therefore allows sufficient time (45 – 60 minutes) for you to express your aims and concerns in an unhurried manner. Following a review of your objectives and medical history, Professor Malata will then assess you and comprehensively discuss your treatment options. All procedures are explained in detail using illustrative diagrams, photographs, and literature for you to take away with you. Professor Malata will help you to fully understand what your procedure involves including any concerns associated with surgery and will give you realistic advice about the results that can be achieved. He will also discuss the limitations and possible risks of the procedure. He is committed to making your operation first and foremost a safe and ultimately satisfying experience.  

Choosing the right plastic surgeon p1

Choosing the right plastic surgeon p2 

Professor Malata abides by the private practice code of BAPRAS, the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. He therefore strongly recommends that all his cosmetic surgery patients to think carefully about their proposed surgery using the BAPRAS Cosmetic Surgery Checklist (click below).

The 5 Cs – A Cosmetic Surgery Checklist for patients by BAPRAS

After the Consultation

Cooling off” Period:

Following your consultation, Professor Malata recommends a “cooling off” period before you commit to an operation. Cosmetic surgery is not urgent surgery and you can to return for a freesecond consultation to clarify matters or to bring a family member or close friend to the consult.

Scheduling Surgery:

After your consultation should you decide to proceed with surgery, Professor Malata will inform his secretary of your proposed surgery who will then contact you to discuss surgery dates. Once you have agreed an operation date Professor Malata’s secretary will contact the hospital where you wish to have your treatment and ask them to send you a price quote for your surgery.

If you decide to schedule your surgery more than 3 months ahead of time, Professor Malata’s practice is to recommend to you that you come back for another consultation nearer the time of your operation to review details of the surgery.