Transparency: There are no hidden charges or surprises after surgery. Consultation Fees are advised on first contact with Professor Malata’s secretary when she makes an appointment for you to see him. Fixed price packages for surgery include all post-operative visits. Insured patients – please see the section on Insurance Fees (below).

Cosmetic Surgery Fees

Consultation Fee:

Professor Malata’s secretary will only invoice you after your consultation so there is no need to bring cash or a cheque to the consultation. The fee also covers further pre-operative visits should you require more information before considering surgery.

Fixed Price Cosmetic Surgery Packages

Surgical Fees:

Almost all cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by health insurance (such as BUPA, Aviva, Axa-PPP, WPA, Cigna, etc.). A detailed quote of the total cost ("Hospital Package Price") will be sent to you by the hospital where you propose to have surgery after your initial consultation so that you are aware of all the costs involved before deciding on surgery. It includes the surgeon’s fee, the anaesthetist'se fee and the hospital fees. It also covers Professor Malata’s professional fees for all routine post-operative care and visits.

Payment Methods:

Details of this are supplied by the Hospitals. Settlement is made directly to the hospital. All Hospitals have Customer Liaison Officers who will be happy to assist you regarding the timing and methods of payment.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Fees

General Information for Insured Patients

Professor Malata is an Independent Medical Practitioner who is not aligned to or in partnership with any Insurance Company. Professor Malata’s secretary will provide you in writing with the operation codes for your surgery and the relevant surgical and anaesthetic fees. The purpose of this is to enable you to obtain pre-authorization from your Insurers for your surgery and treatment. In the past we have found that some insurance companies will fully cover the cost of the procedures, whilst others will only cover up to a certain level, depending on the type of Insurance Policy you hold and their reimbursement structure. This may result in a shortfall which will have to be paid by you (out of pocket expense or co-payment).

Additional Information for Private Patients Treated at Addenbrooke’s University Hospital

It is your responsibility to find out the exact level of cover and what short-fall, if any, you will be responsible for out of your own pocket. You are therefore strongly advised to contact your insurance company at your earliest convenience after the consultation and well in advance of the proposed operation date.